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Mission Statement

         In a clothing industry corrupted by corporate greed and unethical business practices “Rwrked” stands to challenge the status quote and set a new standard for businesses. Within the Fast fashion business model, that is a standard in the industry, child labor in developing countries and carbon emissions have reached unprecedented levels. This sad reality is made worse by consumerism driven marketing models that encourage people to buy new clothing and accessories every season while simultaneously throwing out the older models. The only solution to this is to offer an alternative more socially conscious business model that encapsulates and emanates these global issues, enter “Rwrked”. We believe in 3 core values at “Rwrked”; Sustainability, Creativity and Inclusivity. These values are reflected through the entirety of our brand from the supply chain to the packaging and everything in between.




       Sustainability is at the core of “Rwrked” since the choices we make today influence the world that we will see come to fruition in the future, for this reason we donate 10% of our profits to the “National Community Tree Foundation.”  We also attend local events and hope to start our own in the near future!  One way that we hope to help our cause is by ending the stigma surrounding second hand goods through promoting the trading and selling of second hand goods. By doing so not only are communities fortified but carbon emissions will be greatly reduced because the need to produce more clothing will be lessened. Through the nature of our brand we reuse older items that people no longer use and turn them into new, more desired goods that people can enjoy for years to come! Our items are made from new and used vintage goods, bags, keychains and more! By using second hand materials, local workers and ethical practices we are able to reduce our carbon footprint and maintain a high level of integrity. Our products are uniquely hand crafted and authenticated by our team of passionate luxury goods experts and enthusiasts. Every item is constructed, packaged and shipped from Vancouver Canada with love. Furthermore our jewelry items are made with high quality chains and materials, we offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Like many luxury brands their made to last! That's what we are “Rwrked” strive for, a long lasting item that will look fabulous for the years to come. Our products are of such a high quality that we offer a lifetime trade in service. If for whatever reason you no longer want to wear your item or want to try a new style we will buy it back from you for in store credit depending on the condition of the item. Our brand is built on the premise of bringing attention to the importance of  the environmental impact of our purchases and how we can reduce our carbon footprint to construct a better future.

 “Reduce Reuse Rwrked!”



        “Rwrked” believes that creativity is one of the most fundamental building blocks of the fashion world. Unfortunately modern industries are pumping out thousands of trendy new styles annually that lack taste and creativity, not only does this cause harm to the environment but it is also a destruction of individuality and style at its core, the famous Coco Chanel once said “In order to be irreplaceable one must be different”. For this very reason “Rwrked” is supportive of second hand goods enthusiasts and encourages others to consider passing on the trends and instead try reusing clothing for the sake of style and sustainability. Since our items are derived from second hand goods, production is therefore limited to the amount of attainable goods, as a result every item we sell is limited edition. Furthermore all of the materials we use have their own story and patina. This in culmination with the hand made construction coalesce into truly unique products that are rich in history and culture, never the same “Rwrked” pieces, even of the same style are never truly identical. These items are exclusively sold by “Rwrked” and as such are unavailable anywhere else regardless of price. (Even at luxury goods boutiques!) For these reasons “Rwrked” is by far the most creatively unique and original jewelry options in their price point.  


       Designer brands have been corrupted by capitalism and corporate greed, what started as family owned fashion houses run by artisans have evolved into mega corporations that use aggressive marketing and insane prices to cater to the upper echelon of society. They typically mark up items by 8-10x cost and justify it through artificial exclusivity. We see this as dividing people as opposed to uniting them and this goes against our belief in fashion at Rwrked. Since we are both a wholesaler and a retailer, we mark our items up much less than established designers. We believe that everyone who is passionate about luxury goods should be able to express themselves however they want regardless of social class. We are allies to the LGBTQ+ community and the “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) movement  and share in the fight for inclusivity, for that reason all our items are devoid of gender conformity and are unanimously unisex inclusive to any races and cultural backgrounds, our dream is to unite people through our brand and to see all kinds of people wearing our products.  “Rwrked” is non exclusive to class and for that reason we offer products at all price points, allowing people from any budget to own a piece of “Rwrked” history and share in the uniqueness of our brand. This is achievable through our large network of second hand luxury goods dealers and private suppliers. Due to the origin of our items we are able to offer items that are comparable to 500$+ retail designer items for much cheaper and affordable prices. Furthermore, we package our items similarly to large boutiques and strive for the highest level of customer experience, this makes our items great  for gifts.



           As said by Vivian WestWood “ Buy Less, Choose Well, Make It Last”  Not only is our jewelry ethical, stylish,  filled with historical character and uniquely produced, but, by wearing a piece of “Rwrked” jewelry you take a stand against corporate greed as well as unsustainable practices. Our items are not just an investment for the future but a badge that you can wear to show that you stand for sustainability, you stand for creativity, you stand for inclusivity, you stand with “Rwrked!”